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Almost waterfront location - 100 year old house with Victorian decor...

Capacity: 1-

Rate: from $55 (CAD)

Chemainus Vancouver BC
Chemainus is located just 77km north of Victoria BC and 34 km south of Nanaimo.

Chemainus, BC is one of the pearls of Vancouver Island on the east shore. It is a little town in between a mountain range and the ocean with a river cutting it off from the south. A town was raised by the hands of labourers but after its industry failed, Chemainus showed the world its determination and achieved fame through the hands of artists.

The original industries were mining, fishing and forestry. As the lands' natural resources failed to provide all the necessities of life, a new future started to unfold with the inventive people of Chemainus. That future was the idea of giant outdoor wall murals in a revitalization strategy and it earned Chemainus worldwide fame as a memorable tourist spot.

"The Little Town That Did" earned its nickname after Chemainus inhabitants decided to expand into a vibrant tourism-driven future. Through the dreams, imagination and energy of the town, Chemainus found a new life by putting on a new face. The town transformed itself expressing its history, its people and its future, built in Chemainus hotels and bed and breakfast.

Artists from around the globe were invited to paint huge heritage murals on the sides of buildings, transforming a little coastal mill town into the world's biggest outdoor art gallery.

The population is 4,000.